What does Myo Therapy mean?

‘Myo’ – a combining form meaning “muscle” ; relating to muscle

Used in my logo to describe both pilates and massage, the therapies both involving muscle.


Morgen-Emma Rowell

Founder and owner of Myo Therapy
Sports Science sports massage therapist, pilates instructor and business entrepreneur.

Meet The Owner

Qualified Sports massage therapist for Stormers and Western Province rugby teams, Sports Science sports massage therapist, pilates instructor and business entrepreneur.

I graduated in 2009 doing the one thing that I love – working with people and helping their bodies.

My passion for the human body started when I worked at Curves, a Womens Gym franchise in 2007. Being hands on and working with women to achieve their body and health goals, I developed a love for helping people. In 2010 I became the manageress of Curves Tokai and ended my Curves journey in 2013 when I saw an opportunity to start my own business venture in Massage Therapy.

I then joined a health and wellness team, which was a great platform for my foundation in the industry and also joined the Sports Science Institute of South Africa as a sports massage therapist. This very same year, I had the great privilege in joining the Stormers and Western Province Rugby’s recovery team. I have been with them for 4 seasons now, working with the teams on a regular basis.

In 2014, I decided to start my own massage studio and broke away from the Wellness team and started my own practice, currently based full time in Kirstenhof.

I have also been associated with the Trail and Tar Massage Team helping teams conquer The Absa Cape Epic, 3 years in a row now.

As my passion for the human body keeps growing, I have added Pilates to my reptoire. This has been a great added complementary service and I am absoloutely loving this new take on helping the body.

My aim is to personalise my service to each individual client and to get them to achieve their bodily /muscular and/or postural goals.

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