In light of the current pandemic, I wanted to share the precautions and updated protocols I am and will be undertaking, in the near future, with regards to the Coronavirus.

As always, I am dedicated to keeping my studio a happy and healthy space for us all.  My sanitizing protocol in my studio is always very thorough.  As a standard practice, I apply disinfectant to all surfaces this also includes my Pilates mats. I also change my massage towels regularly.  

During this current threat, I have increased my sanitizing efforts by:

  • Disinfecting surfaces daily
  • Asking clients to sanitize their hands before and after their appointment. 
  • Changing all towels that have been in contact with the client, after every treatment. This also includes the massage bed headpiece.
  • Pilates equipment that has been touched or used during a class, is also disinfected.
  • Disinfect the massage bed and massage headpiece after every client.

In addition to this, I am asking clients to call and cancel appointments if they are ill and waiving all cancellation fees for illness.

I am asking my Pilates clients to bring along their own Pilates mat or a towel for their classes.

I am also asking my massage clients to bring along their own towels for their massage treatments.

With these precautions and protocols set in place, I feel confident in opening my studio again. We have been given the go-ahead to start trading in advanced level 3. I will be officially trading again from 29th June.




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