In light of the current pandemic, I wanted to share the precautions and updated protocols I am and will be undertaking, in the near future, with regards to the Coronavirus.

As always, I am dedicated to keeping my studio a happy and healthy space for us all.  My sanitizing protocol in my studio is always very thorough.  As a standard practice, I apply disinfectant to all surfaces this also includes my Pilates mats. I also change my massage towels regularly.  

During this current threat, I have increased my sanitizing efforts by:

  • Disinfecting surfaces daily
  • Asking clients to sanitize their hands before and after their appointment 
  • Changing all towels that have been in contact with the client, after every treatment. This also includes the massage bed headpiece.
  • Pilates equipment that has been touched or used during a class, is also disinfected.

In addition to this, I am asking clients to call and cancel appointments if they are ill and waiving all cancellation fees for illness.

I am giving my clients the option to bring along their own Pilates mats for their classes.

I am also giving my massage clients the option of bringing their own massage towels for their massage treatments.

Unfortunately due to the current lockdown level restrictions, it is not deemed safe to practise and to see or treat clients. I am offering massage vouchers to be purchased now and to be redeemed at a later, safer stage. I am also recording Pilates classes that can be purchased and practised in the comfort of your own home during lockdown. Minimal equipment is needed. You can be a beginner or an intermediate Pilates lover to enjoy these classes.

I will be sharing the news of when I will be able to return to my studio and when I will be able to start seeing and treating my clients as soon as it is safe to do so. Hopefully, this will be sooner rather than later. Until then, I will share my Massage and Pilates love through my social media platforms and I will be recording my Pilates videos for online purchase.

Keep safe and stay healthy. X


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